What nobody ever told you

Do you have back or neck pain? 95% of america has pain, do you think that is a coincidence? As a culture we have adapted to sitting, since a young age we have been molding out spine to this posture. So what you say? The sitting posture is one of the worst if not the worst position for your back. When you are in this position you are constantly taking damage. (get into the physics of it). Yes, you may not feel it, but trust me, if we take medical images we can see the degeneration of your spine. Its a long term game, your spine is pretty resistant, until it hits a certian point. Thats why nobody cares about it. If it doesn’t hurt now, its fine. But the regret is real, as a doctor if I had a penny for every time i heard “I regret not taking better care of myself when i was younger”, I would be a multi millionare.

So whats the solution?

If i had things my way, id ban sitting and burn all chairs muahaha. Unfortunately thats not going to happen. As a culture this is already ingrained so this is the best thing I could come up with. If we are going to sit at least lets sit as well as possible. So enter: Magically Pain Free.

Now you know that constantly sitting in a position causes degeneration due to micro tears and stress on the spine..